Zombie Paintball Experience

With over 10 years experience in providing the highest possible paintballing scenarios, Combat Paintball is now offering  ZOMBIE NIGHT PAINTBALL

Zombie Night Paintball

Using our creepy Zombie Graveyard Paintball arena we are able to offer Zombie Themed Paintball Experience using a two storey Church as well as Crypts, Coffins and a Graveyard!  Here we have our resident Riot Zombie who roams the game field whilst two teams battle it out to get supplies to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Set in our Zombie Graveyard within the middle of the Forest makes for a truly awesome Paintball Game!

Our Zombie Graveyard is fully Floodlit so you are able to play Paintball at anytime!

Once a month on the last friday of every month we have scheduled Zombie Night Paintball events where you can join others in a Zombie Paintball Experience you will never forget (to book yourself onto one of theses events click the book online link below and select the date you want from the Zombie Booking list).

However if you can gather together a minimim of 10 players we can also organise a ‘Private Session’ any night that suits you!  (to book a Private session click the book online link below then use the Paintball Booking system – Select Thetford Venue – Select the Night you require – Select Zombie Night Game Package).  N.B. Private night games are not available on the same night as the scheduled events.  If you are booking a ‘Private Session’ and our suggested session of 6:30pm to 10:30pm does not suit you just let us know when you book what time you would like to start and finish (The experience is floodlit so can be for any time you like!)

Combat Kit Zombie Hunter Zombie Annihilator
Paintballs 500 1000
Weapon Tipman 98 Upgraded Replica Gun
Grenades No Smoke or paint
Full Combat Kit Yes Yes
Burger or Hotdog £3 Per person Yes
Tea and Coffee Yes Yes
Price £29.99 £49.99

N.B.   Extra Paintballs can then be purchased on the night at £6.99 per 100 or £29.95 for 500.

To view Zombie Night Games dedicated website see: