Paintballing (12+)

N.B. All prices quoted are per person (p.p.).

Small deposit payments can be made in advance with balance to our deals below paid on the day (from only £4.99 per player for Group Deal).

Package Deal– For under 10 players


£21.99 p.p. including 300 paintballs


£29.99 p.p. including 500 paintballs


£49.99 p.p. including 1000 paintballs


Group Deals– For 10 or more players

£19.99 p.p. : including 300 paintballs

£24.99 p.p. : including 500 paintballs

£44.99 p.p. : including 1000 paintballs

Bring 20 or more Players: …as above, but lunch is free!


Pay As You Play– N.B. This offer is only available by booking and paying online.

Only £9.99 per player

Includes you first 100 paintballs and Lunch! (additional paintballs are either £6.99 per 100 or £29.95 for 500. The average player will use 300 paintballs in a half day and 500 paintballs in a full day).  N.B. Paintballs can be purchased and then split between players.


Additional Paintballs

£6.99 – per 100

£29.95 for a bag of 500


All Above Prices Include

  • All safety equipment
  • Free Body Armour
  • Gun hire and air refils
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Picnic benches under cover
  • 8 film set themed game zones (including new Zombie Crypt Zone)
  • Fantastic day out!


Half Day or Full Day?

Games at the weekend start at 10am – this is due to a safety briefing session being given at this time.

None of our packages are time limited so it all depends how trigger happy you are as to which package is best for you. We recommend a minimum of 500 paintballs for a full day and 300 paintballs for a half day but once again the more you shoot the more balls you will need.

Extra paintballs can be bought all throughout the day. The last games of each day usually finish about 4pm.


Over 18?

For those over 18, we have a full range of Pyrotechnics!

  • SMOKE ‘EM OUT – Smoke grenades £6 each or 2 for £10
  • BLOW ‘EM UP – Frag grenades £6 each or 2 for £10






We also hold regular Walk-On days. Click the link below for more information:

Walk-On Days