Laser Clays

Laser Clay Shooting is a totally unique, simulated, hi-tec electronic version of the country sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is shotgun shooting without the need for ear defenders, risk of recoil and the subsequent bruises!
Using real (but de-activated) shotguns, players test their skill by shooting laser beams at discs fired from a traditional trap. The shotguns use an infra-red pulse which acts the same as a traditional cartridge, mirroring the action of the shot as it leaves the gun.

The discs have reflective strips on them that rebound the laser beam to the shot guns which then registers the hits on our digital scoreboard.

The sound system simulates the noise of the shot and the sound of smashing clays to signify a hit. Each gun has its own light indicator for hit and miss so you know instantly whether you’re an expert or need a bit more practice!
Different speeds and trajectories can be programmed as you progress and our Laser Clay system can operate with up to 5 people shooting at once on a range of games from traditional clay shooting to speed rounds and first hit scores.

N.B. This activity is only available at our Thetford Venue.


2Hr Session for upto 20 players @ only £19.99 per player

Combine this activity with either our 3D Archery or Laser Tag for only £34.99 p.p. (4 hour experience including both activities!)


If you have between 4 and 20 players this can be done ONLINE if you have less than 4 players please ring us for availability.

To book this activity with either 3D Achery or Laser Tag please ring us to arrange on 01842 769112.

Session Times

10:30am – 12:30pm
1:30pm – 3:30pm

N.B. If combining with 3D Archery or Laser Tag only the 10:30am start time available.